Festival Programme


The Met

4.00pm​-6.00pm Welcome Singers and Musicians Session

7.30pm  Opening Concert
 m.c.  Chris Milner  introduces

John Ward Trio, Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt, Bill Adair
Richard Grainger, Crossjack,  Devils Water & Hughie Jones



The Met

11.00am - 5.30pm 

Shanties, Sea Songs, Forebitters with Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt

David Kidman - a voyage through song, spoken word and poetry of the sea.

Songwriters of the Sea with Hughie Jones, Colin Pitts, Richard Grainger, John Ward and special guest Boathook Bald

Singaround hosted by Helen Pitt & Steve Dawes with guests Bill Adair and David Kidman


mc's   David Kidman & Chris Milner
invite participation from 'The Floor' plus Guest Spots from:

Ramshackle Shantymen, Colin Pitts, Men Of Staithes,
Endeavour Shantymen, Bill Adair, Crossjack, John Ward Trio.

11.00pm  The Late Show - Xonique "The Spirit of the Sea"


Walkabout etc - People From The Past, Boathook Bald, Facepainting

11.00am - 6.00pm 
Devils Water,  Ramshackle Shantymen,
Whitby Music Centre - String Group, Bill Adair
Whitby Music Centre - WOW Beginners, Crossjack
Whitby Music Centre - Esk Valley Big Band,
Corsaires De La Vesdre, Whitby Music Centre - Choir,
Devil's Water,  Men Of Staithes, Colin Pitts, John Ward Trio
Whitby Music Centre - Whitby Area Concert Band

Pavilion Theatre

7.30pm   Whitby Ahoy!  Gala Maritime Concert
m.c.  Richard Grainger introduces: Devils Water, Cross jack,
John Ward Trio, Sirocco, The Endeavour Shantymen, Hughie Jones


The Met

11.00am - 4.00pm

Song For The Sea Competition.

Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt invite Singers & Musicians to 'Hornpipes, Forebitters & Ballads' Session

Hughie Jones  'a life in Music....'


4.00 - 8.15pm  Twilight Concert

Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt. Richard Grainger, Hughie Jones,Yorkshire Light Corsaires De La Vesdre, Chris Milner, Withernsea Pirates, Devils Water

The Bandstand

Walkabout etc - People From The Past, Withernsea Pirates, Boathook Bald,  Facepainting

Devils Water, Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt, Corsaires De La Vesdre
Withernsea Pirates, Boathook Bald,Yorkshire Light, Bill Adair
Corsaire De La Vesdre, Withernsea Pirates, Devils Water,
Chris Milner, Withernsea Pirates